An oscillation theory of handwriting analysis

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Validity of handwriting movement data recorded with digitizing tablets is poorly reflected by manufacturer's specification.

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Revisiting an original idea by Hollerbach (), previous work has established that the production of graphic shapes, assumed to be the blueprint for handwriting, is governed by the dynamics of orthogonal non-linear coupled oscillators.

Such dynamics determines few stable coordination patterns, giving rise to a limited set of preferred graphic shapes, namely, four lines and four ellipsoids. Hollerbach’s oscillation theory of handwriting An impor- tant class of handwriting models is centered on the philoso- phy that stroke data can be resolved into certain oscillatory.

Kinematic analysis suggests that increases in the size of handwriting may not be accomplished by the simple upscaling of a single parameter such as time or scale. The number of writing strokes and their efficiency varied with writing size.

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This theory applies generally to a number of acceleration oscillation patterns such as sinusoidal rectangular and trapezoidal oscillations. The oscillation theory also provides an explanation for how handwriting might degenerate with speed.

The oscillation theory also provides an explanation for how handwriting might degenerate with speed. An implementation of the theory in the context of the spring muscle model is developed.

An oscillation theory of handwriting analysis
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Motor constancy and the upsizing of handwriting - ScienceDirect