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Twitter: Ernest Hemingway writing lit culture and society history and literature. Hemingway’s advice on writing, including his list of 17 essential books every writer should read. fearthismelody-almostforgotten reblogged this from explore-blog.

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comments (1,) Daryl /// /// am. Hi, I came across your blog last week. There is some great stuff on there. I thought I would pass a link on to my website. This year my students are writing in a Writer’s Notebook. I was delighted to find this article in support of keeping a journal.

Thank you Brain Pickings! Renowned businessman David Ogilvy certainly thought so; check out this spectacular memo entitled “How to Write” that forwarded to his employees in (Brain Pickings). His succinct list of writing advice includes such gems as “People who think well, write well” and “Good writing is not a natural gift.

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Brain pickings writing advice blog
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