Denis lavant boy meets girl

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The Auteurs: Leos Carax

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boy meets girl

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Leos Carax Boy Meets Girl () ‘ Boy Meets Girl resembles a number of other movies, sometimes coincidentally. The rich, erotically velvety black-and-white cinematography recalls Eraserhead and The Elephant Man, while the surreal one-thing-after-another-over-a-night plot evokes After Hours.

In Boy Meets Girl the actors are each encased in an impenetrable cone of solitude/silence and there is no escape from this solitude/solipsism. As the film progresses it becomes increasingly theatrical, the actors become more desperate, and Carax' visual language/decor more and more grimly deterministic.

Boy Meets Girl Carax’s first film revolves around two people, both dealing with heartbreak, who comes together at a party and share their experiences.

Boy Meets Girl explores the severity of heartbreak as the main characters are so distraught that they want to kill themselves.

Carax, Leos

Boy Meets Girl is a French drama film written and directed by Leos Carax, starring Denis Lavant and Mireille was Carax's first feature film. The plot follows the relationship of an aspiring filmmaker (Denis Lavant), who has just been left by his lover and a suicidal young woman (Mireille Perrier), who is also reeling from a failed romance.

As it happens with directors who are destined to be part of the history of cinema, his debut film Boy Meets Girl already showed all of the obsessions and interests he would later develop in his filmography: from the character named Alex, the director's alter ego –Denis Lavant's first appearance– to his love for the Nouvelle Vague and silent.

In 'Bad Blood', we see the beautiful Juliette Binoche alongside Denis Lavant playing "Alex" from 'Boy Meets Girl' once again.

Boy Meets Girl

Along with Todd Haynes' 'Safe', this is the best AIDS allegory film in years.

Denis lavant boy meets girl
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