Industry average

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Finding Industry Averages

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Understanding Financial Ratios and Industry Average Financial Ratios

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Industry comparisons– Comparing a company’s performance to industry peers (benchmarking). In industry comparisons, compare the ratios of a firm with those of similar firms or with average industry ratios to gain insight.

Ratios are essential for analyzing a company or industry.

How to Compare Financial Ratios to Industry Average

Financial ratios are often used to compare a company against an industry average or other companies in order to benchmark or measure a company’s performance. Industry ratios are often useful when creating the financial components of a business plan.

Ratios & Industry Averages

BizStats offers free business financial ratios for industries, along with other well-organized business and industry statisics. An industry average is the average of all data values in the same industry. The data is used to compare a products profitability and growth. Answer bizminer is a good source, but u have to pay.

Financial ratios provide information on a company's financial strength, efficiency, profitability and other business measurement metrics.

Where can I find industry and company financial ratios?

Comparing an individual firm's ratios against average ratios for its industry or a group of its competitors provides additional, valuable insight.

Industry average
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