Launch kwrite as root user

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Editing files as root

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I dozen entering root with su - rather than su as explained by caf also makes the same problem. There's not enough detail on this.

I can't see how your system would even be bold if it wasn't. Nov 19,  · Yes, kwrite does not edit the file but save it as a tempfile, remove old one and rename temp. (Removing as user is still possible as its your folder.). Instead of just having it only let you run it as root. why not let the user pick ANY file to be ran as ANY user.

this would allow users to not only edit files as any user they want. but also run any program or whatever as any user they wanted. Root Actions servicemenu provides a convenient way to perform several actions 'as root', from the right-click context menu in KDE filemanagers.

It aims to be distribution agnostic, if you experience issues in your distribution, drop me an email describing the issue. this wiki page is deprecated and outdated.

please refer to the basic security guide section here. for user root (no password) on computer yogurt works C:\>runas /user:yogurt\root cmd Enter the password for yogurt\root: Attempting to start cmd as user "yogurt\root" for user administrator (I thought the the password is blank too) on computer yogurt doesn't work.

HOWEVER - configuring sudo to allow a user to run su allows them to become any user. I would suggest creating a script for your command, setting the script permissions to and owned by root, then configuring sudo to allow a user to run that single script.

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Launch kwrite as root user
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