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A comprehensive list of the John Newbery Medal and Honor Book winners from to present. We are proud to share the many acceptances to universities, colleges, military, and training/certificate programs that our graduates have obtained.

How to Enter the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: Students in grades 7–12 in the U.S. and its territories, as well as American schools abroad, are invited to submit creative and original work to any of the Awards’ 29 art and writing categories, including architecture, photography, flash fiction, poetry, painting, video game design and more.

South Central PA Scholastic Writing CASD submitted over student entries to the South Central Pennsylvania Scholastic Art and Writing contest. Students submitted pieces in the following categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy, Humor, Short Story, Flash Fiction, Personal Essay/Memoir, Critical Essay, Novel Writing, and Writing Portfolio.

Medical Scholarships. If you are interested in medical school, you’re probably well aware that difficult classes lay ahead and years of first four years are just the beginning: After undergrad, you still have four if you can get through your undergraduate years debt-free, medical school bills are still in your future.

CCA students unlock creativity with Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition

reviews of American Military University written by students.

South central pennsylvania scholastic writing awards login
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