Taoist view on capital punishment

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Chinese mythology

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Chinese mythology

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Chinese Creation Myths.

1863 Reasons Christianity is False

There are five major views of creation in China: The first, and most consistent historically, is that no myth exists. This is not to say there were none existing at all, only that there is no evidence showing an attempt to explain the world's origin.

Laozi is traditionally regarded as one of the founders of Taoism and is closely associated in this context with "original" or "primordial" Taoism.

Whether he actually existed is disputed; however, the work attributed to him—the Tao Te Ching—is dated to the late 4th century BCE. Taoism draws its cosmological foundations from the School of.

X Fengdu. Fengdu is located on the northern bank of the Yangtze, kilometers downstream from Chongqing. Known as the "Ghost City", Fengdu is a very popular shore .

Taoist view on capital punishment
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