Transportation of natural gas

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Natural Gas Transportation: 2018 FERC Rate Cases Are Expected to Raise Novel Issues

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Natural gas as a transportation fuel

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U.S. Energy Information Administration - EIA - Independent Statistics and Analysis

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Natural gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture consisting primarily of methane, but commonly including varying amounts of other higher alkanes, and sometimes a small percentage of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, or helium.

It is formed when layers of decomposing plant and animal matter are exposed to intense heat and pressure under the surface of the Earth over. Natural Gas. Dynalco Speed Sensors are used to monitor engine speed and provide input for speed switches and transmitters that are used to protect engines in the event of an over-speed condition.

Transportation Natural Gas in California. Natural gas (which is composed primarily of Methane, CH 4) is used as a transportation fuel as either Compressed Natural Gas or Liquefied Natural unavocenorthernalabama.comssed Natural Gas (CNG) represents the majority of natural gas use for transportation.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas (predominantly methane, CH 4, with some mixture of ethane C 2 H 6) that has been cooled down to liquid form for ease and safety of non-pressurized storage or takes up about 1/th the volume of natural gas in the gaseous state (at standard conditions for temperature and pressure).It is odorless, colorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Natural gas is a cleaner more affordable transportation fuel. Today, natural gas vehicles operate in a variety of applications including marine, rail, medium and heavy duty trucks, light duty transit and off road.

Transportation of natural gas
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Gas Transportation