Wl garrison paper

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In the very first issue of his anti-slavery newspaper, the Liberator, William Lloyd Garrison stated, "I do not wish to think, or speak, or write, with moderation I am in earnest -- I will.

Wl Garrison Paper abolitionist movement, Garrison was a widely recognized speaker, political agitator, and voice of reform in nineteenth-century America. Expressing radical views through his influential anti-slavery periodical the Liberator (), Garrison was an outspoken supporter of alcohol prohibition, women's suffrage, nonviolent.

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28a. William Lloyd Garrison and The Liberator

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Every movement needs a voice. For the entire generation of people that grew up in the years that led to the Civil War, William Lloyd Garrison was the voice of Abolitionism. Originally a supporter of colonization, Garrison changed his position and became the leader of the emerging anti-slavery movement.

Wl garrison paper
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